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The Incredibles - Summer Movies Series

Once Again Nikau Kai and The City of Manhattan Beach have teamed to bring you another complimentary Movie... This time It's "The Incredibles" by Disney / Pixar. To add to the fun we're also hosting a Super Hero Costume Contest, oh this should be fun. We'll have a both an "individual" and "family" catagory. So grab your beach chairs and your magic lasso or cape... and come join us in the courtyard behind the newly redesigned Manhattan Beach Public Library, next to City Hall. As always we'll be offering concessions to help raise money for The Mira Costa Surf Team. We truly hope you and the family can come down and join your neighbors on the grassy lawn enjoy a slice of pizza, a glass of lemonade and of course, a big 'ole bag of popcorn. This is a free event with vendors onsite with kids activities, as well as, food and beverage options. So, bring your blanket or lawn chairs and all the kids for an evening to sit back and relax with your family and friends.


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