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Movies on the Beach... with the AVP and MB Parks & Rec

 Yep, it’s already time for another awesome movie on the beach. We’re teaming up again with the awesome team @mbparksandrec and the #MBO @avpbeach This year we’re screening The Incredibles II ! The festivities will begin around 6pm this coming Friday, Aug. 16th. There will be a raffle around 6:15 and then the main feature will begin on the Jumbotron at 6:30. This is always one of our favorite events to share with our community... Don’t forget to show up early for the best seats on main court and bring those beach chairs and blankets. We’ll have concessions on the beach with the procededs going to the @mira_costa_surf team. We truly hope you can make it. #cantwait#thisissummer #annualmovies#summertraditions #smalltownlife#beachliving #familyfavorite#summeraintoveryet☀️🌊#manhattanbeach #southbay #livelocal#surfglobal


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