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Fresh off our surf adventures in Nicaragua…

For the last few years we’ve been hearing more and more stories about the epic surf and consistent off-shore conditions in Nicaragua. So, finally we made it happen. We were fortunate to get to stay at one of the best boutique surf resorts in all of Nicaragua… Malibu Popoyo. Our stay included fantastic meals, luxury accommodations and local surf guides who knew the place inside and out. We rarely get to do the premium lodging… but this time we did. Every morning we’d walk out behind the resort and check the conditions. We were close to a spot called Santana’s, a fast barreling beach break. We’d surf the spot most mornings before breakfast and then again at sunset (pictured below). The conditions and size varied day to day, but unless it was low tide, Santana’s was a pretty fun spot.

After breakfast, our guides would catch up with us to discuss which breaks were firing with which tides. We’d all decide what we were up for and head out. We checked out several spots along the course of the trip. One not so secret spot, Popoyo, was a great point break with fast lefts and rights for days, but as with most point breaks, it doesn’t take too many folks to be overcrowded. If you can score that break without too many ex-pats… you’ll be a happy camper. Since we had kids in our group, we spent quite a lot of time at Mag Rock (pictured above)… an easy left that even with some size is very accommodating to kids and folks just starting out. There’s also a right, but not as consistent as the left. I spent most of my time there on the foil with usually only one other person. It was a fast take off and then you had to hold on for a fast ride to the beach. There were a few other spots along the way, but these were the stand outs.

Luckily, we timed the trip well and scored some solid swells. Everyone from the kids to us salty dogs got our fill. The area offers a wide variety opportunities for every skill level. All in all, it was a great experience and location with wonderful people and surf for all… couldn’t have asked for more.


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