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Grain Surfboards handplane Workshop @ Nikau Kai

We're stoked to announce that we will be hosting Grain Surfboards on their Handplane making tour up and down the west coast. Grain has several stops in California and Nikau Kai will be the Los Angeles host as they make their way down to San Diego. This event will let you shape your own handplane of course, but it also includes their custom recycled hand-strap made from bicycle inner tube and wet-suit off-cuts, velcro-adjustable and ready to use.  They also offer a unique low-impact mounting system as well and a little wood sealer so you'll be ready to get in the water the next day. Click here for more details... This should prove to be a fun and satisfying event for everyone involved. All of this plus our good friends at King Harbor Brewing have graciously offered to supply some much needed libations after a hard day of making wood shavings.  


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