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How to make a bandana mask

Here’s what you need to begin: 1 - bandana 2 - hair ties or rubber bands
Step 1: Fold the bandana Lay the bandana out, face down, flat and fold it into increments that are lengthy enough to fit over the nose and mouth (roughly 4-5”). Continue folding until the top has reached the bottom of the cloth.
Step 2: Loop the hair ties around each end. There should be a space wide enough between the two bands for the cloth to cover the mouth (roughly 6-8”).
Step 3: Fold each side into the center and tuck one end into the other, so that the hair ties are on the ends of the cloth.
Step 4: Wear, with the hair ties wrapped around the ears, holding the mask in place.
That’s it you’re ready to “face” the outdoor world*
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*The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on their website the virus can spread between people interacting in close proximity — “for example, speaking, coughing, or sneezing.” Covering the nose and mouth should help prevent the spread where maintaining other social distancing measures may be difficult, the CDC added, like the grocery store.